This is an archive of the band profile for Rodina.

"a solo singer who embraces acoustica and latino rhythms with a sweet aplomb..... Rodina unrelentlessly emphasizes quality and sweetness. Sort of like an angel holding court in a smokey, chilled underground bar. A classy performance ...."

Manchestermusic -

"We have to applaud Rodina's attempt in assembling an album that highlights different angles of jazz, soul and pop music. Deliberately making choices for less commercialism and more artistry, but nevertheless ending up with a very nice album....
Certainly recommended.."

"Produced by Joe Tatton, whose work with the Haggis Horns, New Mastersounds and Corinne Bailey Rae has proved his credentials for handling Rodina's debut with a touch of class, 'Over The Sun' is nothing less than an assured debut and with a cast of excellent musicians onboard, Rodina are very definite contenders for the Summer festival stages ......Roll on Summer"

"Beautiful..... a must listen.. 6/6 "

"every song delivers something exceptional..... Delightful songs with a charming delivery not only make this album such a find, but Rodina itself a name to watch out for. It's classic, absolute classic."