This is a review of "I Punched A Lion In The Throat / The Crapsons" recorded by Pulled Apart by Horses. The review was written by Kate Zezulka in 2009.

The padded shin guards that more or less kept Pulled Apart by Horses' last release at bay will need trading in for complete body armour in anticipation of the release of this double A side.

'I Punched a Lion in the Throat' and 'The Crapsons' both bear the same devastating musical attributes that hallmarked the 'Meat Balloon/The Lighthouse' release. Churning away under Hudson's snarling vocals is the musical equivalent of a superhuman hybrid of agility and steamrollering annihilation. Basic power chord progressions are punctuated with fast tremolo picking and glib slurs, kit veers between jackhammering downbeats, nimble sixteenths and more complex syncopated rhythms, while the bass is just as likely to be found with ornamental glissandos as playing around with straight root notes.

The extra nuance of feel and groove that goes above and beyond more straightforward grunge and punk gives both 'Lion' and 'The Crapsons' a little distinctive spring to their step. 'The Crapsons' particularly flaunts the goldmine of idiosyncratic riffs and hooks that Pulled Apart by Horses seem to generate so easily and fluently. It is brimming with creative ideas, switching between these in a characteristically hyperactive fashion, but loses none of the musical cohesion offered by 'Lion's strophic approach.

The production, meanwhile, comes another step closer to harnessing the full, potent power of Pulled Apart by Horses, highlighting their independence and punch, as well as accurately documenting their infectious, sprawling live flair and personality. The wild character pounces more readily out of the speakers and the Pulled Apart by Horses rifftionary is shown at its best, sounding that much beefier.

Since this record comes with no disclaimer or legal notice, it seems crucial to flag up the following (if only for posterity): as infectious as the Pulled Apart by Horses spirit is, unison convulsion, hanging upside down from rafters and reckless application of excessive distortion should be left to the professionals - they may make it look easy but they know exactly what they're doing.