This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Codego. The review was written by Rowan Brunswick in 2009.

Codego are slightly difficult to fathom. Opening track 'That Wall' begins promisingly, guitars gently chiming and backing vocals lapping up alongside like gentle sea waves. Then the vocals come in. Nothing particularly wrong with Lee Bray's singing, despite having the forced tonality of Meatloaf on a painful toilet visit.

The real problem is that the melodies sung by Lee in this, and next track 'A Great Change,' are just dull. A verse starts with one melody line. That line is then repeated. And then it repeats again. You get the picture. The choruses are slightly better, but once again the lack of melodic variation lets them down.

Things aren't helped by the frankly bizarre lyrics. A prime example is a chorus which begins "then the Angels came down / formed a circle around my head," before they tell him "you're too special to die alone." Such sentiments are very difficult to relate to, and leave the listener feeling rather alienated.

It's not all bad - third song 'The Fool and The Queen' starts with a nice piano motif, and plods along agreeably, but once again is let down by the uninspired melody. All in all, the EP is difficult on the ears, and for a band who are striving for the anthemic quality of bands such as Doves and Elbow, the edges really need to be smoothed out.