This is a review of "The Green Room" recorded by Fran Rodgers. The review was written by Anthony Lee in 2009.

The first thing you notice about Fran Rodgers is how beautiful her voice is, angelic almost as she attempts to break into an industry dominated by rock and pop artists.
Her latest release, 'The Green Room' follows on from what was quite a successful summer for Fran, with performances at the popular Leeds and Reading festivals. Where to continue from there?

The EP opens with 'The Lighthouse' which is the perfect opening for a beautifully crafted collection of songs. 'I See Horses Flee' will no doubt be very popular as it includes brilliant accompaniment from Tom Fleming from the Wild Beasts. Their voices work together in great harmony and this is reflected with a very strong song that is the highlight of the EP. Every song is most beautiful and her strong vocals are definitely reflected in each song, but ultimately it leaves you wanting more.

Fran displays how passionate she is with her emotional and heartfelt songs. Whilst it may be easy to compare her to other female song writers such as Laura Marling or Emmy the Great; this would be a very lazy way to describe her. She is definitely a breath of fresh air for the music industry and has a very bright future.

Fran Rodgers releases her EP on the 23rd February with a launch at the library on the 25th February in what should be a big night for her.