This is an archive of the band profile for L-Mo.

An L-Mo is a mass of cells whose origins can be traced back through time. The abundant and naturally occurring energy that an L-Mo produces keeps it constantly moving forward; never looking back. This rare species is native to Australia, America and England. Recent sightings have been reported within the north of England, around the centre of Leeds.

The L-Mo has reportedly been seen travelling by air, wind and sea. It achieves elevation through sonic vibrations, and moves on both land and sea by a custom Eco-Friendly longboard steam mobile. Rumors abound that its abstract mating calls are the most shocking of all its characteristics; some say the creature seems to sing for smiles, constantly crooning in the pursuit of happiness both for itself and others.

The L-Mo is bright in colour, with heavily decorated markings that have been branded as Upbeat Adrenaline Fueled Anti-Folk. Only through a personal sighting is it really possible to comprehend such a creature..