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"Odio will go blog > indie disco > charts > car advert in a matter of months. Enjoy it." - The Guardian (New Music on Wednesday)
"Sharp, Smart & Snappy!" Huw Stephens Radio 1 -
"No-one makes a noise like this, an enigmatic singer combines brilliantly with wailing guitars to create a catalogue of tunes that convulse like they're in the electric chair."
Chris Martin NME Radio -
"They are Indie, They are Electro, They are Sexy, They are Smart, The sound is Urgent and Fast Paced" Music News Scotland

2010 is set to be the year for Leeds band The Kiara Elles.

The bands sound ranges from dancey & quirky, to dark and punky, invoking memories of anything from Joy Division to ESG or as the Guardian have said "Like one of those out-of-nowhere indie records that has the man in the street singing along to a guitar riff."

The band recently spent time sparking alight the hormones and setting the pulses of young men and women racing as they travelled around the the UK touring their critically acclaimed 'ODIO' ep, released on Mercury Award Nominee Choque Hosein's new imprint, Vandal.

You can find the video on this page, in the true spirit of DIY and showing how to get things done the band conceived, shot and directed the video themselves .

With recording completed their first full length album " Slide Over" will be unleashed into the public domain on May 10th 2010 preceded by a double A single. They will be touring the releases in April/May.

Up to this point The Kiara Elles have been surfing the airwaves on a regular basis via radio play from 6 Music's Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe, Gary Crowley and Clare McDonnell. BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens has spun various tracks from "ODIO" on his BBC Introducing show.

With glowing reviews from respected music hacks across Europe, The Kiara Elles are tipped to take the step up to the next level into the bloodstream of the public consciousness over the next year,

Members are.

Chiara Lucchini - Vocals
Jonny Lee Hart - Guitar
Emma Quick - Bass
Amy Greir - Synths
Dan Stretton - Drums

Video for single LASER SHOT at thos link:

View the video for "Odio" at this link: