This is an archive of the band profile for Accept Decline.


05/03/2009 - We have just finished recording our EP which is free to download, you can also listen online at our MySpace page. Feel free to let us know what you think.
We've also just updated our gigs on there, of which a few are in Leeds so get yourselves down!

There's a little bit more about us below.


John B - Guitar
Previously played in several bands including Bernard Kelly where I played drums for a year or so, then after moving on to guitar played in a band called Crimson Tide. Both of which played regularly around the Leeds/Bradford area.

Andy - Guitar
Andy has played in a few bands in and around Leeds/Bradford, two of which were Greater Speed and Accuracy and Blacktop. Since then Andy has moved on to playing guitar where he has found his forte.

Paddy - Drums
Although Paddy has not played in any bands he certainly knows his way around a kit. He's also pretty mean with a guitar which is always handy with writing new stuff.

Kyle - Lead Vocals
The small peroxide Canadian has been a vocal presence in many a Leeds band including Get Jack Back and Cotheria, before finally finding his punk/disco warbles a home with A.D.

Jonny - Bass guitar
The final member to join completing Accept Decline's line-up. Jonny has played bass for various outfits including Blackburn based punk band The Don-kiddicks and Leeds pop rockers Concrete Bullet. He is also a drum & bass producer when he has the time..