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We are Meet Me In Vegas, creators of the 'Splash Pop' genre which we brought to the streets back in June 2008. Its a combination of new electro rock and that 80s pop sound we know you secretly love. Splash pop has already been featured in local newspapers as word about the band spreads.

We produce music the old school way, in an attic in the small town of Sutton In Craven, North Yorkshire. Seb (guitar) and Chris (bass) write the music, Josh (drums) lays down the beats and Caroline (vocals) brings her catchy vocal melodies and memorable lyrics to the mix.

We have just finished our new self titled 4 track E.P which we are currently promoting, featuring our single 'Or Maybe Later'. We recently played a gig at the Cockpit Leeds (with over 400 tickets sold) which has raised awareness of our music and brought it to an even wider audience.

Caz, Chris, Josh & Seb

Press Reviews

Meet Me In Vegas who are initially three lads in smart ties and shirts thudding effectively through an introduction that gives way to a set of songs voiced by their slightly Jazzy sounding lead singer who joins them. Singer Caroline Carfrae provides the glamour to but the real star of the show is Chris Dabass's bass guitar which pounds a line of vintage New Order matched perfectly with Josh Toulmin suitably Morris-esque drums. These self disciplined elements and the technically impressive noodling of Guitarist Seb Santabarbara promise a direction for this band. Review

Meet Me In Vegas are a four piece retro rock, pop, disco house band hailing from Skipton. Claiming to have created a new genre - 'Splash Pop' - the band combines styles of rock and retro 80's electro to create their original and ever entertaining sound.
Very new to the scene Meet Me In Vegas can be seen gigging in and around West Yorkshire and Beep! predict that they will become a regular name. With funky slap bass, riff based guitars and synth, the band are creating a stir on the scene and quickly establishing a following.
Beep! Magazine Review

I managed to catch the end few songs of 'Meet Me In Vegas.' I was blown away by the craft of the songs. Playing live to a sampler and a click really takes some doing. The rhythm section is certainly one of the best I have ever seen. 'I'm falling down' had a lovely bittersweet feel to it.
Review by Claire Wilson.