This is a review of "The Last" recorded by Mi Mye. The review was written by Steve Elvidge in 2009.

Three nice tracks featuring the fractured brogue of Jamie Lockhart, born in Scotland (I assume) but currently folking up Wakefield with some well chosen accomplices.

Three tales of personal loss and longing - 'The Last' 'Dee or Do It' and 'Itchyear Eachyear.' All rocking out without being rock thanks to liberal use of pianos, organs and fiddles, thanks to the delicate use of backing vocals and thanks especially to Lockheart's voice. Broken, wistful, longing, and with the coarse vulnerability of Shane McGowan or Peter Perret of the Only Ones, it knows how to wrap itself around a well written chorus.

First two tracks available on 7" and 'Itchyear Eachyear' as download only.