This is an archive of the band profile for Broadcast Society.

Spawned in Horsforth, Leeds, germinated in a Pudsey Mill and spat onto our collective laps now, Broadcast Society is a young three piece ready to be tasted.

John Wellby, bassist and vocalist, needed a band to rid him of the songs that had calcified about his brain while he slept at night. Enter Dave Horner, an ambient tape music obsessive schooled in jazz guitar and Liam Pickering, a man with nought but two drumsticks and a sense of willing to his name. Charged with foisting the melody trapped in John's head upon the world, they set about their task early 2008.

A year later, with but a handful of pulsating live performances to their name, Broadcast Society has forged a sound of angular guitar lines, soaring vocals and heart stoppingly intense drums. They have written songs that mutate, modify and melt the soul..