This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Jones. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2009.

This three track EP from Leeds-based band The Jones opens with the twinkling, synth-studded stomp of 'Wideawake.' Built on one of those relentless backing beats that manages to be mind-numbingly repetitive in a good way, it's clear where 'Wideawake' is going right from the very start. This not only ensures you can start tapping your foot along approximately three seconds into the song, but it gives this song a casual sort of charisma, which is emphasised by frontman Kris' effortless vocals.

'Wideawake' is a little low-key, but the occasional, perfectly-placed synth, rock-solid underlying beat and Kris' voice all conspire to create a song that'll grow on you in a gradual, unassuming way.

'In My Head' sees The Jones pick up the tempo with an introduction of giddy electro and springy drumbeats. A slight distortion on the synths blends them into the rest of the song, and prevents the electronica leanings from sounding tacked-on.

The overall impression of the introduction is that 'In My Head' is building up to something special and, in many respects, this song is another glimmering, sturdy piece of soft rock in the style of 'Wideawake.' Occasionally, the synths don't really sit comfortably with the rest of the song, especially when The Jones factor in backing vocals, and it all becomes a little too complicated. 'In My Head' is this EP's less accomplished offering.

'Killer Killer' sees The Jones return to the stomping beats that made 'Wideawake' such a solid EP-opener. As 'Killer Killer's thumping rhythms beat their way slowly into your brain, chances are you'll be hitting the repeat button.

'Killer Killer' has that shimmery, sparkling veneer that The Jones seem so fond of, and which puts an appealing, uplifting gloss to their sound. 'Killer Killer' also features this EP's heaviest moment, with a chorus of crunching chords and swaggering underlying beats that's emphasised by Kris' perfectly-timed vocals. Lyrically, the chorus may take the easy way out with its repeated cries of "again, again, again, again," but just because something isn't particularly inspired, doesn't mean it won't get stuck in your head, and this chorus will be tormenting you for days.

This three track effort is one of those that slowly wins you over, so by the time 'Killer Killer' draws to a close, you'll be surprised by how much you've grown to like this EP. It's all a bit familiar, but you'll quite like these three tracks on the first listen, and like them slightly more a few listens down the line.