This is an archive of the band profile for Emergencies.

Friends since their tender school years Declan and Zebs were introduced to Rich and Nathan through mutual friends, after a few drunken meetings Declan and Rich suggested Nathan join them in a rehearsal room to work on some songs, after a few months of carelessly messing around Declan decided to invite Zebs down to play bass and thus transforming their sound. Playing their first gig in December 2007 after a brief stint under the name Protagonists, Emergencies were formed. Early rehearsals saw them develop their ambitious but ultimately messy sound into an exciting cacophony of distortion, bass fuzz and cowbell and made their vision all the more achievable whilst establishing themselves as an exhilarating and intense live act. Combining their individual loves for 80s Hair rock. Electro, acoustic and modern day indie, Emergencies have created an ultimately distinctive sound. Full of passion and aggression but with an eye for delicate melodies and lyrics complete with fascinating imagery and vision. Having being described as Death From Above 1979 meets Foals and as "Talented young scamps playing disco punk funk way beyond their years", they relish the idea of proving themselves, live and on record and show genuine passion and dedication to their art. A call to all arm chair critics, fans of the dance floor and gig goers; listen to Emergencies..