This is a review of "Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses" recorded by Wintermute. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2009.

Wintermute are a musical breath of fresh air. With their infectious, catchy melodies and strong rhythm they are head and shoulders above the huge pool of guitar-based indie bands that are making the rounds in the nation's cities. Why? When you hear a Wintermute song, you know immediately who is playing. I found this out, nearly to my peril, when I was driving home one night recently. Listening to the radio up popped a brief play of one of their tunes and their sound was so distinct, I had to do an emergency stop. Thank God no-one was behind me! The point is, Wintermute's sound is strong and individual and that is why you can pick them right out of the musical crowd and why they nearly cause road traffic accidents.

'Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses' follows in a similar style to previous single 'Gambling or Playing Cards' in that it builds in stages to a rocking chorus, which contains a melody that stays with you for days. The second song, or B-side in old money, is of a slower tempo than we're used to from the band. Nonetheless, it holds your attention as the guitar tinkles along, with lead singer Dan Howard's voice being given the chance to come down a notch and deliver fewer vocals, but with more emotion; trailing off with a ballad's airiness. Wintermute build a craftsman-like quality into their music, and this is increasing in its intensity as time goes on. Their album is due out at the end of April which gives us all something to look forward to as we wait with impatience for a long player that is well over-due. Wintermute are very good musicians and cool to boot.