This is an archive of the band profile for March of Dimes.

Jonathan Moss: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica.
Cat Firman: Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals.
Thomas Surman: Drums, Bass, Harmonica, Backing Vocals.
Sean Murricane: Bass, percussion.
Gordon McKiernan: Electric and Acoustic Guitar,Backing Vocals.
Robin Moss: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Backing Vocals.

"With harmonies to die for, poignant lyrics, strong vocals and tight playing this has to be one of the most rounded and consistent albums of 2008."
Paul Abraham, leedsmusicpromotions

'All the songs are of such a high standard that it's near on impossible to select a stand out track.
Lyrically intelligent and musically brilliant, "All intents and purposes "is a very, very likeable album indeed. Dare I say a classic of its genre?'
- The Music Guru

"An excellent set of tunes, including some verging on masterpieces, with influences including some of the most outstanding musicians in the genre"
- Sheffieldmusic

'The record's mournful edge is drawn from the band's experiences whilst making the record- this is encapsulated on the particularly potent 'The great illustrator' and the sublime finale 'The cracks in the floor'.
This is a record of great beauty and also of great subtleties - best served with gentle lighting and a bottle (or two) of red.' 4 out of 5
- Subba Cultcha

"insightful [...] melody twists in and out of everything. Delightfully gentle"
- The Beat Surrender

"Arguably the most noticeable quality attributable to All Intents and Purposes however, is that it's not a record imbibed with any real kind of modern-day vigour. Rather, it sounds as if it belongs steadfastly to another age inhabited by jaded experience. Movingly poignant"
- Sandman Magazine

"All Intents And Purposes has a heavy country influence, but March of Dimes always take pains to sound fresh, with the inclusion of a few unexpected instruments...The majority of people will find [it an] interesting and varied listen. Worth checking out if you like your music mellow, melodic and poignant.
- LeedsMusicScene 3.5/5

'On first listen it becomes apparent that a style akin to country music and folk saturates the whole listening experience. A kind of floaty wistfulness that carrys you through the songs. But once you listen again, the subtleties of the albums mood become more apparent. A very promising debut from Leeds' ever growing indie scene, let its harmonies and poignance wash over you on the next rainy day.
- Live Music Scene (Bristol).