This is an archive of the band profile for Kasiuss.

Kasiuss are not your average rock band. Combining epic piano and classical chord movements with feel good and sometimes raw and aggressive guitar riffs, poignant lyrics, dynamic builds and catchy chorus', the Kasiuss 'sound' is one that can be hard to define. Flitting from emotive to quirky; sing-a-long to atmospheric; heavy rock breakdowns to graceful melody, they are hard to pigeonhole. In a music scene that can be full of bandwagon-jumping and generic structures, Kasiuss have come to deliver something fresh and exciting to alternative rock- to break the mould.

'From the beginning we wanted to keep the sound of Kasiuss exciting, with no boundaries,' states co-founder Joe Bothamley, 'we want all our songs to make the listener feel the way we feel when we play them and strive to make the mood and atmosphere in each Kasiuss song as different and unique as we can, whilst still keeping the underlying trademarks which allow the listener to identify them as our songs.'

'Our aim is to satisfy every part of the listeners ear equivalent to the taste buds and make each track as exciting as possible', continues the second half of the main Kasiuss partnership, Biz Denton, 'With Kasiuss comes a sound that shows a new side of rock- something fresh and very new but also something that will last and keep on maturing.'

Main songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Biz Denton was raised in the picturesque landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, far away from any sizeable town. With little around for entertainment and a musician father, it was inevitable that Denton would look to music to pass the time during his formative years. Starting out on the trumpet, he then moved onto the drums and it was during his time in a percussion group in his early teens that he met co-founder, co-writer and drummer Joe 'The Both' Bothamley, a fellow Yorkshireman who grew up in a neighbouring village. From there, their friendship grew together with a common goal to carve a career in music.

With a view to being able to write his own music, Denton moved from drums to guitar and piano. A self taught natural, it was no time at all before he was proficient enough to begin writing and so began the duo's first project with other close friends from their school days.

It was not long after a move to London to further their musical career 3 years ago, that Denton was to lose his beloved father Barry to cancer. 'It hit me very hard,' says Denton, 'he was my best friend and the reason for what I do today.' Already on what he describes as a 'ropey path' in the big city, the death of his father led Denton into a downward spiral. 'It triggered a side of me I didn't know existed. I locked away all the feelings around my father's death and sunk into a deep hole. I lost relationships, best friends and family failing to face my issues. I ended up having a breakdown and honestly thought for a time there was no way out.' It was the beginning of the end for this first project and the duo and their then band mates returned to Yorkshire.

One person relentlessly by Denton's side throughout this difficult time was 'The Both'. His unfailing support and friendship helped Denton to heal and eventually the two began to write again once more- with music continuing the healing process. 'This time around I have something real to write about.' Says Denton, 'My inspiration both lyrically and musically comes from everything I have been through over the last few years, good and bad. I truly hope people will be able to listen and relate to what I say'.

Whilst being the main songwriting force behind Kasiuss, Denton maintains that it is essential to have Bothamley around during the songwriting process. 'When writing music, my head seems to run off on its own, conjuring bursts of ideas that I just have to let out. With my head working at a ridiculous speed most of the time it is vital to have Joe around me. We have this almost telepathic understanding of each other when it comes to music. He stops me when he can see the direction or potential of something when I would have completely passed the idea by or skipped straight to the next 'burst'. This has meant some of our best songs coming to life when I would have completely dismissed or missed the idea.'

Late 2008 saw these writing sessions become Kasiuss, and the duo set about getting together a few local showcases of their material and finishing tracks for their first set of demos. It was these shows and the eventual recording of their first demos in January of 2009 that were the catalyst for the addition of Jason and Adam Odle to the Kasiuss line-up. Whilst sequencing the bass and keyboards was something that could easily be done, the live show lacked the visual dynamic that would come from having the other musicians there and take some of the strain off Denton in the studio, and so the search began for additions to the Kasiuss family.

'Jason is the co-owner of the studios where we rehearse,' Denton elaborates, 'As he spends most of his time there teaching drums, we were completely unaware of his skills on the piano until we accidentally overheard him playing one day.' Jason modestly remembers that his attempts to play Muse's 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' on the piano were a 'catastrophe' and that he was shocked to be invited to join the band. 'One of the only projects I'd seen locally and in some time spent in London that I actually believed in was Kasiuss and I was jealous of all the people I could see auditioning to be in the band, so when I was asked I jumped right on board.' continues Jason.

Bass player Adam was the last member of the band to join the fold. 'I had seen Adam play bass previously as part of Jason's old band and asked him if he would like to audition for Kasiuss', Denton continues, 'Luckily he'd actually seen us play and he jumped at the chance'. Adam elaborates- ' There was a buzz going around town about Kasiuss so I decided to check them out at the blues bar in Harrogate and I immediately wanted to be part of it and was jealous when Jase was invited to be a part of the line-up. A few weeks later I was drinking in our local rock bar when B iz came over to me, making minimal sense as usual, and asked me if I would like to jam with them. The rest is history.'

At this stage Bothomley and Denton were blissfully unaware that their newest recruits were in fact brothers until they approached Jason about his relationship with his ex-band mate. Jason muses, 'Shortly after Adam jammed with the guys, we met up and they asked me if I still got along with the bass player from my old band and I went on to explain that we were brothers- they had NO idea!'

And so the line-up was complete. Whilst the majority of the writing remains with the Denton-Bothamley team, the addition of the Odles was the icing atop the Kasiuss cake. ' The music comes together more efficiently now with Jason and Adam in the picture. Joe and I take track structures or complete tracks to rehearsal where we all work on perfecting the songs,' says Denton of the later writing process, which sees the Odles bringing their influence into the tracks. 'Adam brings the perfect bass lines needed for the song. Jason will add his own touch to the songs, placing his style into the keyboard elements.'

After 6 months of prolific writing together, the quartet had a plethora of tracks coming together and a number of local shows under their belts. It was time to pick 5 of the most representative tracks from their body of work and bring them into the studio. November 2009 saw the guys pack their gear into a van and head to Sawmills Studio for the guys to record their first EP.

Sawmills, founded by producer Dennis Smith and based on the River Fowey in Cornwall, has seen the likes of Muse, Robert Plant, Oasis, Stone Roses, The Verve, Supergrass and many other UK heavyweights pass through its doors, with Smith's own label releasing the first 2 early Muse EP's. The opportunity to work within these hallowed walls, with Tom Joyce (who engineered the aforementioned Muse recordings) was a real experience for Kasiuss.

'Sawmills was one of the best experiences of my life,' enthuses Bothamley, 'It's a peaceful and highly creative environment and the 'old school' analogue recording techniques that are so easily discarded these days were key to our positive experience there. The attitude in the studio was "play it 'til it's right, however long it takes". Everything was recorded live, and we spent a lot of time experimenting and perfecting the tracks whilst recording, which allowed our individuality as musicians to shine through.'

Looking to the future, Kasiuss are to self release their debut 5 track self titled EP early 2010 and get out on the road up and down the UK. Look out for February 2010 dates being announced imminently..