This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Kasiuss. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2009.

After watching the promotional clip, and certainly after listening to this five track EP from Harrogate band Kasiuss, one cannot help but wonder how they manage to musically multi-task to produce a complete sound with only two band members. According to the EP cover, Biz is lead vocalist, piano and guitarist with Joe being both drummer and backing vocals. One presumes however that Biz doesn't play both piano and guitar at the same time, or if he does, that would certainly be a sight to see!

Joking aside, Kasiuss' debut EP contains a slickly produced sound that is not that common in a band that has only been going for just over a year. Listening to this EP, you can assume they have done this before. The opening track, 'City Lights' is an anthemic track that sounds like it would be their first single and the one they would like to open at Wembley, which no doubt they see themselves playing in the not too distant future, and judging by their rapid growth is a distinct possibility. However, although there is actually nothing wrong with this and a couple of the other tracks such as 'The Flame,' their stadium style guitar rock tracks start to bleed into one other.

Much more interesting is the track 'Rain' and this is the one that is most likely to be put on repeat when you pop this EP in your car stereo. Rain has the most interesting pace to it with the injection of electronica and piano increasing the tempo to give it the originality injection that would have people nodding their heads to in a traffic jam on the way to work. 'Midnight,' the customary slower-paced song but not exactly a ballad, gives Kasiuss the chance for Biz to show off his powerful vocal skills and again, sweeps the listener along for a dramatically pleasant five minutes.

A strong and well produced debut EP from Harrogate two-piece band Kasiuss and worth buying for the mix of guitar and electronic sounds in 'Rain' and 'Midnight' alone.