This article was published in 2009.

Leeds band Heads We Dance will release their debut album on 1st June 2009 on the This Is Fake DIY Records label. The album – titled 'Love Technology' – will be preceded by the single 'When The Sirens Sound' on 18th May. The single features guest vocals from Little Boots.

The band draw inspiration from the sci-fi visions of 'Metropolis', Philip K Dick, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk to create 21st Century space disco dancefloor fillers and have featured in the Top 10 most blogged artists on The Hype Machine. They sold out previous singles and received a much coveted Popjustice 'Song of the Day'.

Most recently, the band's version of Kraftwerk's 'Computer Love' received more than a million downloads as part of the Buffet Libre DJs 'Rewind 2' project.

The album tracklisting is 1. The Human Touch; 2. Love In The Digital Age; 3. When The Sirens Sound; 4. Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover); 5. Ubik; 6. The Gold City; 7. Low-Carbon Life; 8. My Heart Is Set On You; 9. You Are Never Alone With Model 21; 10. Dial 481; and 11. Love Technology.