This is a review of "A Glimpse of Lightening" recorded by Silverlode. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2009.

Silverlode's new EP 'A Glimpse of Lightening' is a bit like learning to like olives or appreciate a complicated wine. It might taste a bit funny at the beginning but after a few more mouthfuls, the flavour really starts to grow on you. The same can be said of the five songs of this Leeds based quartet as, with the first play, it doesn't quite make sense, but after a few more listens you'll find yourself hitting the repeat button for more.

We are given a strong start with the EP's opener, 'Hunting Eyes' as the tone of the next five songs is set with a quick-paced, guitar-based indie-pop song, with a dramatic vocal edge. What makes them more interesting is that they are not singing about problems with their girlfriends or a nasty hangover, but rather with more a dramatic and sometimes murderous undertone. 'Hunting Eyes' is a nicely constructed song and being the EP's longest, gives it more time to establish strong rhythmic patterns that build up to some fancy guitar work that makes your head wobble from side to side in glee.

The strongest songs seem to have odd numbers, as well as another oddness that you cannot always put your finger on. 'A Glimpse of Lightening' begins with a satisfying baseline and tone of lyrics, which introduces a strong melody with a dramatic twist and lyrics that at first appear to be about a cold, but are actually much darker after a deeper listen. However, Silverlode have left the best until last as they leave the listener with a big dollop of melodrama, with 'I am Cain.' This song veers from a quick tambourine pace to being darkly barmy as the voice declares, "Oh, you wicked child!"

This band, who appear to be made up of four gentlemanly musicians, have produced an interesting and darkly fun EP that has been slickly polished by the producer of the Pigeon Detectives, Andy Hawkins. Definitely a band to look out for in your record shop and live.