This is an archive of the band profile for The Original Conspiracy.

The Original Conspiracy are driven by a love of music, performing and adrenalin. They deliver belting tunes drowned in distortion but with eloquent melodies and a refreshing honesty.

Blamed in certain circles for the lack of sunshine in last year's summer, it is often rumoured that the heat, intensity and energy of the sun was wrapped up deep in a rehearsal room somewhere in 'the North', being used to create the superb single-malt blend of dirty funk, snarling rock and epic hooks.

Formed in the dungeon of a student dive in 2000 they have grown up musically together. Playing gigs both large and small across England, they play with unstoppable ferocity and passion, a hot breath of fresh air in a saturated and drowning music scene.

With a water tight live show and 'big gun' stage presence, many a venue has been left shaken by the band; sneering, not looking back..