This is a review of "Fit For Purpose" recorded by The Little Darlings. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2009.

The Little Darlings have about the most appropriate name for a band at the moment, as it just about sums up their music perfectly. This EP, 'Fit for Purpose' is something that you would listen to when you get up on a Sunday morning, or on a sunny afternoon after you've just got in from work with a nice glass of wine. You certainly wouldn't bomb up the motorway to this though as you would be permanently in the slow lane and would never get to where you were going, as there is absolutely no sense of urgency to The Little Darlings' lush but very easy tunes.

This EP fuses an easy paced indie style with a bit of lazy country popped in, with singer Jo's sweet and feminine voice making the most impression. By far the strongest tracks out of the four are the first two 'The Heat is in the Flowers' and 'Time and Chance.' Also being the longest tracks at six and four and a half minutes respectively, they ease out of your stereo with a drowsy simplicity, and the tambourine in the background shaking along in agreement. 'Time and Chance' has the best chorus, with Jo's vocals getting more of a stretch and with change of tone adding more interest to the song.

However, after the first two songs, the latter two let this EP down as they do not have the interesting points in the songs as the beginning two do. 'Darling Baby' and 'If You Love Me' bleed into one as they don't give the listener a hook to get involved, and therefore what went from a slow song with an interesting edge can dribble away. Having said that, there is nothing actually wrong with the songs, they just don't have the texture that the 'Time and Chance' and 'The Heat is in the Flowers' have, and are therefore fillers. 'Fit for Purpose' is an easy listening EP that scores in the first half but fades away after.