This is an archive of the band profile for Lowfields.

Lowfields are a Leeds-based, but widely spread band across most of Yorkshire - Matt Peasey Pease living in between Scarborough and Leeds on rotation, Oli Johnson hailing from Castleford and the remaining duo, James Acornley and Kyle Elliot, still in their native Leeds.

Formed by Peasey, the band were essentially mates first that he trusted as musicians and felt there was plenty in common to at least give it a go. Over a year on and the band have not looked back once, except when reversing in cars and being followed by police...

Currently making a name for themselves as a charismatic, energetic and sincere live band in and around Leeds, Lowfields are definitely on the up and up with each new song added to the set a welcome advancement and refinement of their trademark 'huge sounding indie rock'.

Matt Peasey Pease - Guitars, Vocals and main song writer in-chief.
Kyle Elliot - Bass, Vocals and driver in-chief.
Oli Johnson - Drums and party starter.
James Acornley - Guitars, Backing Vocals and the law..