This is an archive of the band profile for Juno.

Rob - Vocals & Guitar
Jay - Bass & Backing Vocals
Tony - Drums & Backing Vocals

Juno are a highly dynamic punk rock band from the city of Leeds, England and play a variety of original songs and covers. Currently the band are expanding their set list before breaking onto the Leeds live circuit and destroying the current indie scene that predominates the city.

Juno is made up of 3 members, each with their own creativity and spark to add to the band. Lead singer and guitarist Rob Kirk is the former bassist of north-east punk band Forgotten Roots and has being gigging and recording for several years as a bassist but has now taken his place centre stage. Jay Duncan was the bassist in Leeds band Hatred Intern and has been noted for his slick finger style of playing. Tony Hardy is the current drummer of Forgotten Roots and like Rob has a number of years experience under his belt supporting bands such as the UK Subs. Together the three musicians will blast out music that will make Juno one of the most exciting live bands that Leeds has seen in a long time.

With some awesome gigs and a hell of a lot of experience gained, Juno look ready to dominate the punk skyline of Leeds!.