This is a review of "Shaking That Brass" recorded by Volcanoes. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2009.

This Sheffield four piece came crashing out of my stereo and their brand of rock made me smile. Far from allowing their audience to settle into the usual indie snooze where the bands are so determined to sound 'alternative,' Volcanoes actually do offer something to stay awake for. Volcanoes cannot be said to be lazy in their music as the strong melodies coming out of their guitars keep you interested and even perky. The lava is flowing, as the strong rhythm and bluesy touches hold your interest and the songs twist to give a curious turn for the inquisitive listener.

'Temple' is a sound opener, which builds itself to something that has echoes of rock-past, yet still has a satisfying chorus when they reach the high point of the song. All four of the songs have strong guitar melodies that sometimes resonate, yet have a fresh edge that offers the audience something new to rock out to. The songs' layers all crash and mesh in a catchy way that keep it snappy, and lead singer Samson Bedford's vocals are nicely sharp. 'What You Came For' follows in much the same way, with 'Eagle Eye' offering the least memorable of the EP's four songs. We are left with 'Oliver Charles Darwin' that starts with a bluesy background and works itself up and down to a rocking climax.

Judging by the songs on this EP, it would be very interesting to see what these songs sound like live, one imagines that there will be a rawness that will want to make you shake your head. Keep an eye out for any Leeds dates as these will be worth watching.