This article was published in 2009.

A free download of the compilation album "Gone to See the Birds and the Trees" is now available.

The compilation has been put together by Doot Doot Recordings and features 28 tracks from a non definitive selection of musicians with links to the Leeds LS6 DIY scene.

Across the tracks you will find a wide variety of styles including indie-pop, singer songwriter, folk, experimental, electronica and more.

Download the album here or visit for more information on the label and acts.

The full tracklisting is:


1. winter light - Beth Atkinson
2. yetziratic burning dog - Eoin Shea
3. its not a wolf, its a cat - The Medusa Snare
4. ferris wheel on fire - The Contortionist + The Wandering Boy Poets
5. balloon race - Bear Driver
6. this car - David Broad
7. kathy, why do you always pick on david bowie?
8. safe and sound - Max Broady
9. bop bop shu bop - Ian Cockburn
10. eggshells - Stephen Clatworthy
11. how long? - Glaciers
12. pwn of doom - Nir (vana)
13. leo & magician - the Chemistry Expetiment
14. axl rose is a rose is a rose - The Broken Chairs

CD 2

1. keep the lasagne flying (posh wank into old glory) - The Wednesday Club
2. winter is gone - Ewan D. Rodgers
3. bikini - Andry Sandwich
4. the chosen one - Down Dime
5. the greatest (pt 2) - John Perry's Me time
6. home - The New Nathan Detroits
7. mothers fathers daughters brothers - Will Edmonds
8. lizzy - Nir Graham
9. supernova - Ian Williams
10. a day too far - Amyas Varcoe
11. husk - Olfar
12. as we cling to paper lightning - the Forest of Fighting Trees
13. snowy satellite - the Rocky Nest
14. singing reversal for no input - Tyllke Kattemor