This is an archive of the band profile for Tag-Team Preacher.

Tag-Team Preacher are an energetic live band consisting of Steve Ward and Daniella Rezende on shared vocal duties, Pete Carlill on lead guitar, Jack Hughes on bass and Bruce Henry Renshaw on drums. The band have a wide array of influences that they take on board to create their own melodic rock/folk/pop sound...

TTP were voted LMS's 5th most prolific live band of 2010. The same year they released their debut video for 'You Can't Go Back' (

They also host their own live night (Purple Parrallelogram) at Baby Jupiter every two months. They have a residency there, where they share the stage with Leeds' finest local acts. They also frequently play one of Leeds' best live nights, the 360Club at The Library, which is run by Richard Watson with BBC Introducing. TTP made their BBC radio debut in November 2010.

TTP are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut EP, to be released in 2011..