This is an archive of the band profile for Midnight Rising.

Midnight Rising are four lads from within the Dewsbury / Wakefield area all with the same goal of being successful and having a good time playing gigs.

The line-up took place when Dale and Johnny (Bassist & Guitarist) re-joined forces after a previous band had broken down. The search was now on for a new lead vocalist and drummer.

They had various people in for the vocalist position but none were able to commit to the rehearsal time and schedule. Then they found Martin, who was on the same level as them wanting to do well and do what he enjoyed which was singing and playing guitar. After several meetings the three of them had roughly three or four songs which were in need of perfecting but to do this they required a drummer to complete the line-up.

Getting a drummer was the trickiest part for the band as they didn't seem to be any available drummers out there. That was until the three of them met Danny, who had plenty of experience behind him (17 years to be exact), and at the young age of 21. The line-up now seemed to be complete and the band are now working on finalising and perfecting all-new catchy material, which is now out there, finished (and always working on new material), and being gigged.

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