This is an archive of the band profile for Broohaha.

Broohaha are a five piece from Leeds, UK who play Alternative: 'Heavy, Spikey, Polyrhythmic, Loud, Empathetic, Haunting, Incessant, Driving, Disjunctive, Striding, Aggressive, Energetic, Noise'? Rock - Chris, Joe, Tim, George and Ollie met at university in 2006, but through a series of band's and musical offshoots, weren't to be seen in their present form until January 2009.Their music is an accumulation of influences, experience and expression, an attempt to find an equal balance between 'want' and necessity. They are a group of individuals who are forever striving to learn more about their music, by playing, writing and creating as much as possible. They have a six track ep, entitled 'EP' which they recently recorded, using special tools dedicated solely for the purpose of recording - but are also currently working on their debut album. The band is largely based on the three piece rock form - Guitar, Bass and Drums with the addition of Horns. They also incorporate elements of electronic music through sampling and synthesis, and often use it as a way of adding vocal ideas and themes to their material.

They enjoy listening to Aphex Twin,
Mr Bungle, Michael Jackson, BOC, The Mars Volta,
QOTSA, Caspa and Rusko, Toto, Steve Reich,
Venetian Snares.