This is an archive of the band profile for Brigada Mercy.

Vocals & Guitar- Don Wilson
Guitar & Vocals- Joe Bailey
Bass & vocals - Damon Boycott

Brigada Mercy were formed from the ashes of The Yorkshire Rats, a punk band from the heart of the former Yorkshire coal fields. While the Rats were inward looking and reflected the destruction of the mining communities and the damage done as a result, Brigada Mercy are much more internationalist in flavour. Don Wilson, Joe Bailey and Damon Boycott reach out to other marginal communities around the globe not just politically but musically as well. You will hear the echo of Django ringing right across to the gypsy folk and jazz of Eastern Europe, woven together with the infectious rhythms of Latin America and the rebel cry of Green Days Billie Joe. Shot through with a punk rock ethic that runs true from Pontefract to Kingston..