This is an archive of the band profile for The Shrinks.

The Shrinks were formed in the spring of 2008 by singer/songwriter Paul Ridley.

Bassist Darren Gibson heard drums "coming through the wall" in the heavily student populated area of Headingley, and went next door to ask his neighbour if he fancied joining a band. Dave Wetherell thus became The Shrinks drummer.

The initial aim was to rehearse while continuing the search for a fourth member who could play guitar and do backing vocals, but this wasn't forthcoming so The Shrinks went out live from August 2008 as a 3 piece.

This worked well and the band became tighter and added more and more songs to their repertoire. It wasn't however until May 2009, with the addition of that elusive fourth member, Rich Karl Teal, who had years of experience as a singer/guitarist, that the full musical potential of The Shrinks began to blossom.

The band has always been energetic and refreshingly melodic, but now as a full four-piece, they have that extra bite that will satisfy the greediest bastard!.