This is an archive of the band profile for Rebel Rabble.

From the depths of Horsforth in Leeds come Rebel Rabble - Alternative Folk created by Glen's words, experiences and harmonica and Andy's guitar, and aided by the visual stimulus that is Juanita...

Small but perfectly formed, the Rabble will give you their own tongue in cheek take on the things that matter in the world today - the economy, nosy neighbours and American Indian inspired topiary to name but a few - as well as pleasuring your ears with a range of covers in their own style - from Motorhead and the Buzzcocks via the America of Tom Russell and the Handsome Family to the Irish sing alongs that no good drunken night is complete without.

The band are starting work with a local producer shortly to move their sound on, but the demo's recorded on Andy's laptop can be heard on along with more info and pictures.

Contact Andy on 07768 818389, Glen on 07798 931324 or via for bookings.