This is an archive of the band profile for St Gregory Orange.

St. Gregory Orange began as the one-man recording project of Tim Metcalfe, spewing noise damaged downbeat electronica from a bedroom in northern suburbia. Years of field recordings, drone-beds, sound manipulation, spoken word and beat making resulted in the 2009 debut album: 'Things We Said In Bedrooms', released on local Wakefield label Philophobia.

A dream-like safari through sound collage and lo-fi pop experimentation, the record proved a surprising minor success, and was met with a positive critical response. The 'Hearts Are Tape Machines' EP followed shortly after, showcasing a more refined pop-orientated sound.

Towards the tail-end of 2009, Tim met Harry Rhodes, and the two would devise a short-lived live setup for the project, using a desktop computer, a sampler and guitar through a multitude of effects processors.

The duo are currently working on an as-yet-untitled second full length, incorporating disparate instrumentation whilst honing a more concise sound..