This is an archive of the band profile for China Shop Bull.

Fronted by a big rapper with a Yorkshire accent and and an aggressive singer who is simultaneously technically brilliant on guitar, backed up by a powerful brass section and a mathematically precise rhythm section. The old adage of 'has to be seen/heard to be believed' has never rung truer than with China Shop Bull. Yes they combine elements of hip hop, punk, ska, drum and bass and reggae. But the point is that they do so with excellent musicianship and and incredible energy.

Increasingly being booked as a headline band around the UK and Europe, they have been invited to play such festivals as BoomTown Fair, Beatherder, Alchemy, Solfest and Mighty Sounds (Cz). Following the release of their second album Public Disorder: Act 1 in 2015, their momentum is only set to increase in 2016..