This is an archive of the band profile for DC66.

Pete Higginson - Vocals and Lead Guitar
Leigh Green - Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kim Hudson - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Liam Allen - Drums and Harmonies

DC66 started life as Harvey Dent in 2004 but, re-launched themselves in 2009 with a new drummer, a rhythm guitarist, and a new name.

Based in Leeds, DC66 are a popular pop-punk band who primarily write and perform their own music, with the occasional cover version thrown in. With the style and energy of three generations of West Coast punk rock, mixed with the melody and substance of classic British pop; they play regularly in and around the North West - keep your eyes on our Facebook page and on for future gig information.

Pete is a former professional wrestler who describes his interests and activities as Everton Football Club, comic books, punk rock and eating - not necessarily in that order.
His musical tastes range from Screeching Weasel, Satanic Surfers and Blondie to Elton John, Duran Duran and Rod Stewart (who Pete swears he does 'awesome' impressions of).

Leigh describes himself as 'upbeat, out-going and easy to get along with'. His main activities and interests revolve around music and music production - he even has a recording studio at home.
As for his taste in music, Leigh loves anything, any style, from any year, as long as it's been written with 'soul'.

Kim is self employed and describes his main interests, when not playing/recording music, as television and film with a bit of art thrown in.
Musically Kim enjoys progressive metal and hard rock but is generally open to all genres.

Liam is a full-time student whose main interests and activities are music (recording and playing), film and going to the gym in the hope of achieving a 'buff' body. He loves to create harmonies - saying that a vocal harmony is the richest part of any musical composition.
His favourite musical genre is progressive metal but openly admits that he enjoys anything and everything, even pop..