This is an archive of the band profile for Archive.

Archive... started life many years ago, 3 of the members of Archive played for many years as part of SOUTHBOUND, a very hard working band that had many, many friends and followers all over England. After nearly 5 years of continuous gigs the band ceased due to differences, and personal problems within the individual lives of the band. The remaining 3 members, Dave Sykes - Drums, Loz Newton - Guitars and Peter Thornton - Guitars, searched for a considerable time to find new and suitable replacements for the new band. After many setbacks and auditions finally found the new musos to take Archiveinto the rehearsal studios.

The new members that make up Archive are Lorne Deedigan Vocals. Stephen Wormald Bass. and Duncan Ward Keyboards.

At last the band was ready to begin work that would lead to Archive going back out on the road. The band collectively has many influences, but the main roots of our sound and style is pulled from the ARCHIVES (pun intended) of 70s Classic Rock. Bands like Deep Purple, UFO, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Cream and many more, including some artistes not from that golden era, but a little more recent. A variety of choice of music and new renditions of tunes both well known and not so well known?.