This is a review of "Au Naturel" recorded by The Compression. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2009.

Debut single from Wakefield band The Compression is standard indie-rock fare, with an intriguing, psychedelic edge thanks to frontman Matty's fuzzy vocals. His wistful droning combines with the dreamy "whoooo-ooooh" backing vocals, to give 'Au Naturel' a trippy individuality that makes it stand out in the overcrowded indie-rock scene. Beyond the hypnotic vocals, a scattering of tinny, military drum rolls put some character into the rest of the band's standard indie-rock clatter.

The choruses of B-side 'Weasel' offer this release's most hallucinogenic vocals, as Matty's voice is stretched into long, spiralling notes over languidly loose guitar lines. It's an example of the psychedelic rock sound at its finest. The verses take the opposite approach, placing those fuzzy vocals against galloping drums, in an attention-grabbing contrast. Despite being the B-side, the hazy choruses and quirky verses are what you'll remember from this two track release.

If you're looking for a new, local indie-rock act, then you could do far worse, and The Compression wisely make an effort to carve out their own niche sound. Atypical indie-rock, with an eccentric twist.