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Mr Pasty. He is neither a person nor a bakery product consisting of peas, meats, vegetables and sometimes with cheese. Instead they are four musicians who, frustrated with past ventures, wanted to try and create a different approach incorporating ska, funk, indie, rock and pop. Making energetic, experimental sounds and vibes that will encourage any crowd to dance, go crazy or just stand there and tap their foot and enjoy themselves but don't let on there having a good time. You know those cool people that hang around the back of the room frowning.

Very late in 2008 drummer Ben and singer Dav started messing around with some beats on Fruity Loops and an acoustic guitar. After a few sessions we could tell we were going to enjoy playing the new tracks live, and quickly recruited bass player Tom to fatten the sound.

With five new songs ready the trio still needed to refine the Pasty recipe; the acoustic was struggling by itself, we needed another guitarist, and so the final member to join was Tim bringing his soulful yet explosive electric in to the mix.

With two more songs near completion we knew we had a strong set, the next step was to record them and get them out there.

Recording the drum tracks in one day, in a run down warehouse in Leeds and the rest of the tracks were completed in Tim's attic. Over the coming weeks the gigs came flooding in and the sound of the band was a lot more concrete, what a busy year it was.

The "Only on the Weekend" EP was played in over 30 venues around Yorkshire to some amazing crowds, and for the most part they were dancing!

From another point of view, I suppose you could say we all wanted a change. We are all in a metal band and have been for 12 years, we even have 2 albums completed, but we found it hard as hell to get gigs, there aren't that many metal venues about and not every on likes that type of music. This in no way means we are selling out on our roots, just trying something different for a while.

So we started Mr Pasty. The songs are catchy and we can play with pretty much any band or line up, we just want to gig to the masses and it's working a treat so far.

Long live the Pasty!.