This article was published in 2009.

The line up and times for the Soundpeople Live Stage at the Moor Music Festival 2009 was revealed today. The festival takes place on 7th and 8th August.

The Soundpeople Live Stage is being run in partnership with Brainwash, Brew Records, Crash Records, Dead Young Records, Jumbo Records, Moog Promotions and No TiTLE Magazine. The line up is as follows:


Eureka Machines - 11.00pm
Castrovalva - 10.00pm
Last Gang - 9.00pm
tbc - 8.00pm
Sketches - 7.00pm
Milk White White Teeth - 6.00pm
These Monsters - 5.00pm
Die Video Die - 4.10pm
Glissando - 3.20pm
Serious Sam Barrett- 2.30pm
Nice Sharp Pencils - 1.40pm
Yucatan - 12.50pm
Shuriken - 12.00pm


Vessels - 11.00pm
The Longcut - 10.00pm
International Trust - 9.00pm
The Cubical - 8.00pm
Silverlode - 7.00pm
Just Handshakes (We’re British) - 6.00pm
The Lightstreams - 5.00pm
Lucid Dreams - 4.10pm
Tsienna - 3.20pm
Fiction And The Fear - 2.30pm
The Jessie Rose Trip - 1.40pm
Japanese Fighting Fish - 12.50pm
Monster Killed By Laser - 12.00pm

If you have not yet bought a ticket for the festival, visit the official site at