This article was published in 2009.

The music stage line ups for the Hyde Park Unity Day 2009 have been released this week. The event takes place on Woodhouse Moor on Saturday 1st August.

The Main Stage line up is as follows: Duende XIV, Pat Grace, The Bacchae, Des the Miner Trio, Dan Audio, The Make Peace Project, Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers, Tatu Caretta, Breaking the Illusion, Lamin and African Roots, The Loose Wires, Abrasive Wheels, and The Root One Band.

The Chemic Band and Beer Taverna Tent line up is: Burning Hank, The Pablos, Chickenhawk, Wonderswan, Terri Shaltiel, Elephants On Acid, Jordon Senior, China Shop Bull, The Melodicas New Reed and Mr Shiraz.

Both stages start at noon and close at 11pm.

More music can be found over on the Cloth Cat Stage, where Jaz & Sian, Burning Hank, Harrison Richards, PAFRAS, Craig Thomas, Samzeo, Dean Murray, Ukulele Bitchslap, Gary Kaye, Maggie8, The Gilroyd Parade, The Feelie Family and Freyed Knot will be making an appearance.

In addition to the scheduled bands, an Open Mic session will be held between 3.10pm and 3.50pm.

The Hyde Park Unity Day 2009 is free to attend. For more information visit