This is an archive of the band profile for Reborn Reloaded.

Reborn Reloaded is a 4-piece metal band from Leeds, England. The band was created when our drummer Rob, first started playing drums. Bassist Ryan and rhythm guitarist Callum had already been playing instruments for a few years. After a few chats, the 3 decided to create a band. Liam also recently joined, taking lead guitar. He showed us his skills at the studio one day and he's been a part ever since. Music has played a big part in the lives of all members of Reborn Reloaded, and so decided to get out there and give it a shot ourselves.

We are a very new band, and hope to be recording soon. We're currently working on an EP and will be releasing a single along with the possibility of a video.
We're also now looking for gigs to promote our EP, which will be released shortly. If any bands would like us to support them, get in touch using the email address below.