This is an archive of the band profile for Executive Legs.

Gwen (vocals/stylophone)
Johnny (bass)
Martha (Keyboards/whistle)
Katie (Keyboards)
Mary (Drums)

Formed in 2008 Executive Legs aim to make music for dancing that is both joyful but tinged with menace. Being in a band is also a good excuse for us to wear ridiculous brightly coloured outfits. We are: Gwen (vocals/stylophone) who was in Molliger, more commonly seen alarming audiences in Australia and is in Harry Callahan. Johnny (bass) used to be in Polaris, Martha (Keyboards/whistle) also plays Cuban music and plays in Pifco, Katie (Keyboards) is in Cissy, Mary (Drums) is in Pifco and used to be in D'astro. Things that make us happy are Kid Kreole and the coconuts, Henry Hoovers, animals (particularly Johnny's cats), cartoons, Kraftwerk, killing..