This is a review of "Give Me Rain" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

"Give Me Rain" is Star Bodixa's debut offering since their 2001 signing to indie label Energy Records and is taken from the forthcoming album "And They Danced On Glass". This limited edition single is actually being released via cult Manchester label Uglyman Records - who launched Elbow into the public eye - prior to the official summer debut on Energy. Although the band have suffered an enforced name change since their last EP was released two years ago, they have not been knocked from their stride and fans will be glad to hear that this is yet another lush pop record. However, and rather unexpectedly, "Give Me Rain" has more intensity than previous singles - a positive if they are to appeal to a wider audience - as a powerful onslaught of guitars opens up the track. These rockier crescendos have made the likes of Doves spring to the media's attention of late and are mixed in well with the quieter and beautifully melodic interludes that have become synonymous with the name Bodixa over the past few years. This is a single that may just drag a few doubters off the fence.