This is a review of "I'm Scared I Might" recorded by The Spills. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2009.

Following on from their split EP with fellow Wakefield band The Piskie Sits, four-piece act The Spills release 'I'm Scared I Might' as a download and 7" single on Philophobia Music.

'I'm Scared I Might' is toe-tapping, jangly indie-rock, with a surface scattering of elastic riffs giving it an undulating quality that's almost as addictive as frontman Hale's vocals. Hale drawls, screeches, and sounds every inch the quirky-voiced indie frontman, lending 'I'm Scared I Might's otherwise conventional indie-rock that extra dose of character.

The Spills trade the springy riffs for waves of distorted guitar in a rougher-sounding chorus. It isn't as catchy as the verses but, following that blast of bristling guitars, The Spills treat us to a more stripped-down passage of glimmering chords and throbbing drums, which highlights Hale's classically indie rock n' roll vocals.

On B-side 'Faux Pas Ha Ha' Hale does occasionally sound too shouty, although that's nothing a slight studio tampering couldn't rectify, and the rest of his vocals are typically spot-on (although his clear, careful pronunciation of "ha-ha" may have some curling their toes.)

'Faux Pas Ha Ha' pulls the tried-and-tested trick of repeating a note over and over again - in this case it's a single bass chord - until it's lodged firmly in your frontal lobe. It isn't big and it isn't clever, but it gets the job done. On the chorus, waves of riffs roll through the song's jangly drumbeats, and this undercurrent gives 'Faux Pas Ha Ha' that dramatic, sweeping energy 'I'm Scared I Might' occasionally lacks.

'I'm Scared I Might' is another strong offering from The Spills. These two songs have enough vocal and musical character to ensure it sounds like The Spills, rather than just another indie-rock band. One for those who like their indie-rock quirky and catchy, in equal measures.