This is an archive of the band profile for Boneyard Babies.

Boneyard Babies formed back in 2006 as a 3 piece cross-dressing thrash band, spreading there eerie tunes throughout Leeds. The band itself began with pure intention to party! mosh! and write our own songs. However as times got shit and after about 2 years of gigging the band fell apart and Bankai and Jim Bonez were left drummerless.

2008! Boneyard re-formed with 2 brand new bonez's, Tom Wilson (lead guitar) and Ben Hewitt (drums) who brought Boneyard's tunes to the maximum! We spent half the year writing new music with more of a metal/glam/punk edge 2 it.

2009! Ready to rock and fukin roll!!! One gig at a time doing what we love most. Performing! Partying! Moshin!.