This is an archive of the band profile for Happy Red Tractors.

Folk music played frantically, or is it acoustic indie, or just the latest incarnation of pop. Perfect for drunken dancing or to listen to while supping ale and wearing socks and sandles. Banjo, Double Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Mandola, Snare, Cowbell, Bongos, Congos, Guitar, Thunder Drum, 3 Part Harmonies, Flute and Cabassa. Influences come from Russia, Greece, Serbia, Ireland, Scotland, France, Ukraine, America and even England.

Creating an acoustic onslaught that has pulled crowds at stupid o'clock in the morning at music festivals, had many pints gone crashing at beer festivals and with the varitey of influences kept people happy in the intimate surroundings of folk clubs. Gigging continually while writing songs, Happy Red Tractos have just completed their second EP, 'devils dream', which can be purchased through, at Jumbo Records, Crash Records, Radish (chapel Allerton) or at any gig they do.

It is BIG and it is CLEVER... Now gimmie a YIP Yip YIP, and dance you buggers....