This is an archive of the band profile for PlaygrounD.

Playground was born in around 1993, and after many summers practice in the bottle shed of the Cricketers Arms Seacroft, we emerged a pale and interesting bunch, with some raw talent and some dark grooves. Unfortunately after a few seasons we lost the mighty bar room brawler and guitarist that was Christy Herron, who went on to join Jonny Cronin's band which is now The Aftermath, However Christy is now playing in melodic folk outfit My Pet Brick. Anyhow, after much debate and counselling by mental health professionals the remaining members Rob, Lee and Adi decided to carry on. Lee has now made the difficult transition from bass to guitar and has developed a good songwriting partnership with Rob (Ambler/Manby). Our newest recruit is our bass man, Andy Shearing - a great chunk of funk who has immediately added the neccessary throb and rumble we wanted.

As a band we want to gig as much as possible in and around Leeds to add to our home town following, Rob wants to pursue his obsessive tattoo disorder and feels that his endeavours in semi naked yodelling are a good way to fund this, Lee who is obsessed with guitar porn is currently working on his tissue box and elastic band solo. Andy is hoping to make enough from the band to employ someone to catch the ferret that's always running around in his clothes and Adi is merely seeking as much exposure as possible for his new haircut and facial hair experiments.

So that as they say is that. Tell a friend & keep watching this space - Maybe we'll see you in Leeds soon.