This is an archive of the band profile for Can't Kill The Heat.

Towards the end of 2008, 3 friends (Members of BOYS WITH BEAKS and EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY) decided to progress a studio project forward into a live setup with a full band. The result was a Fresh, Exhilarating and Exciting mixture of heavy guitars, pounding drums and shredding synths.

The music is designed to make you move your body and rock out! Can't Kill The Heat pump out masses of pounding sound,with beautiful crisp intermittent drum beats, combining that with deep bass,combining that with real slick work on the keys.This group of musicians have got themselves deeply engrossed in the music they love so much so expect no apologies from a band letting themselves go, doing their own thing and therefore opening up what I describe as their own experience and allowing their music to rip.You know what - there is tons of music out their all pretty much sounding the same but this is the modern sound of today..