This is an archive of the band profile for We Were All Made In China.

In the spring of 2009, through some awesome convergence of the cosmic forces that bind our fragile reality together, 5 young men discovered that they were conduits for a musical entity more powerful and dynamic (not to mention super freaking trendy) than any single one of them could have ever imagined. After much communion and deliberation, the decision to name their newly founded collective was complete: thenceforth, they would be known as We Were All Made in China.

Underneath the grey, mercurial slate of the Leeds sky is where they call their home, but We Were All Made in China are musical nomads; wayward travellers in a kaleidoscopic universe of melody and harmony, combining the most vital elements of old and new, polish and grit. They are currently preparing a new release with several pieces of original music channelled from mysterious and formidable beings inhabiting uncharted spirit worlds on the fringes of our actuality, and have performed with acts such as Little Comets, The Neat and White Belt Yellow Tag. Their influences include Michael Jackson, Jack Bauer and Hu Jintao.

Please enjoy We Were All Made in China responsibly..