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Clifford Village Band:
The Clifford Village band are a quirky folk-pop septet who create a unique blend of an eclectic plethora of musical folk and pop styles taken from a vast range of influences including Paul Simon, Laura Veirs to 60s pop artists like Bobby Vee and Gerry & The Pacemakers while making a round the world trip. Not one song is the same with a variety of sounds created. The band sings songs of fisherman out on the sea, beautiful cities of white and star-crossed lovers.

The band formed in March 2008 as the result of lead singer Sam Murray's song writing project. He recruited flatmates Steffi (vocals and sax) and Mafro (lead guitars of all variety) to record an album in 8 hours and the result was first album 'Stories of Old & Weir' based around a story of a fisherman and a city big-shot novelist falling in and out of love. Following this the newly formed Clifford Village Band recruited Steph Hovey (Violin), James Greenland (Drums), and Sam Terrett (Bass) to perform the songs live in a new exciting arrangement..