This is a review of "Double Negative" recorded by Grammatics. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2009.

On the first listen, Grammatics' new single 'Double Negative' is nothing special. But, stick with it and, after a few repeat listens, you'll fall head over heels for its unique blend of funky, boyband-esque rhythms; twitchy, pop-infused vocals; slipping disc sound effects and stabbing cello.

The slippery-slickness that's initially a little off-putting becomes slowly, but infuriatingly, addictive. 'Double Negative' is as funky and polished as any one song can get, without it becoming over-produced and soul-less. And, just when you thought 'Double Negative' couldn't get any better, its stylish, angular rhythms open into a gorgeous, luxuriant swirl of heady guitars edged in trembling cello.

'Double Negative' is pop-infused, spasmodic indie-rock with some seriously funky vocals and orchestral flourishes, all designed to ensure you won't be able to get this song out of your head