This is an archive of the band profile for The Lucky Rainbow Club.

The Lucky Rainbow Club was formed after the breakup of a well toured 'Away from Home'. Jack and Martin decided to take there music to a whole new level so took a trip to outer space. It was on another planet they became acquainted with their martian masters and studied, performed, practiced and perfected the rock/dance/pop fusion they had been searching for... all in one slow motion 80's montage.

Now back on earth The Lucky Rainbow Club are planning a musical revolution, to save the world from bad music, to show that you can have fun in the club dancing yet not hearing about lollypops in the candyshop and other mindless dross.

Space/Dance/Rock/Pop has arrived.

'they need to be heard by everyone that appreciates something original and exciting'

- Scott @ Four Leaves

'A refreshingly original mix of heavy dance beats and guitar riffs, with unashamedly 80s synths and guitar solos, catchy vocal lines, harmonies and breaks that leave u rocking out to the songs in your head long after they have finished, its clear that "The Lucky Rainbow club" belong on the stage'

- Dunny @ MOM.